Wild Hawks Tournament

The Bartlett Wheaton West Hockey Club extends a warm welcome to all tournament players, coaches, families and fans of High School Hockey. Now in our 8th year, we are proud to say the tournament continues to present a season preview of premier level High School Hockey in Illinois and for the season ahead. We look forward to the spirited competition, talented performance, and outstanding sportsmanship. I also want to extend a thank you to each of your clubs for your continued support of our pre-season tournament and are anxiously awaiting to once again witness some of the best High School Hockey Illinois offers. There are a number of items below that I need to communicate and will need your assistance;

1) Tournament schedule - Please click here for the pre-season tournament schedule. We have taken into consideration schools having Homecoming on Saturday 9/17/2011 and have scheduled those conflicts into the schedule so your team can participate at your schools activities. Round 2, Round 3, consolation, and championship game schedule will be determined by team records and is important that I have appropriate contact information to communicate to your teams your next game. Please visit the tournament sheet at the rink to determine your next game time and please forward your teams manager contact information (name, cell phone, email address).

2) Teams registered with AHAI - Please have your registrar register your team via AHAI's web tool by Friday 9/9/2011. This is required in order for our tournament committee to schedule refs for the game.

3) Rosters Due - I will need rosters due to me no later than Saturday 9/10/2011. Players first & last name, position, number, year in school, coaches names. This is required for the tournament booklet. For those who have already sent in their information, thank you.

4) AHAI Certified Rosters - I will need certified AHAI rosters due to me no later than 9/14/2011. Please forward the certified AHAI Roster PDF obtained from AHAI. You will not be able to play your first game with out a Certified AHAI roster.

5) College/Universities Attending - David Dyson has contacted a number of Colleges and Universities to attend our tournament and coaches and representatives from the following schools will be on site Saturday 9/16/2011. If you have a junior or senior that would like to discuss options with school representatives, please have them fill out the Player Profile form (attached) and forward to me no later than 9/14/2011 and please bring a copy. Universities attending are as follows;

  • Northwestern - Northwestern has offered to a breakfast/coffee session on Saturday at 9am. If your team is on the ice, representatives will be available through out the morning
  • DePaul University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Iowa
  • ISU
  • Wheaton College
  • Robert Morris
  • Wisconsin Rampage Jr A Tier III

6) Team Registration - Players will be required to sign in at the player registration table prior to their first game.

7) Gate Charge - There will be a nominal gate charge for attending and appreciate your support for our organizations fund raiser.

8) Period length - Periods will be 17 minutes

9) Tournament Rules - Rules will be forwarded prior to Wednesday 9/14/2011

Again, Thank you for your continued support and look forward to the tournament.

Downloadable Schedule